Story Telling


After our group discussion we have finally decided that the idea we are going to use is the postman idea.


Merge everyone’s animation styles- Seeing as everyone in our group has their own drawing styles, so in order to merge everything into one animation and make it smooth, we decided to each design a world for the postman to travel through and we each design the character too. We are aiming to keep our own drawings styles and in order to keep our characters consistent we decided to keep the same characteristics.

20120309_miku22 Illu_KEI_Vocaloid_Hatsune_Miku-img4   vocaloid-hatsune-miku-5 vocaloid-hatsune-miku-anime-girlmaxresdefault


▲ Above are reference pictures showing how a character can be identified through the same characteristics even though the styles vary. Images 1-4 are different styles of a virtual Japanese singer Hatsune Miku- her character is identified by cyan coloured hair, same costume and same hair style. Images 5-6 are Nintendo characters Mario and Sonic and how they are still easily recognised easily through the years even when the style changed


▲ Also in this episode from family guy, all the characters are being drawn in different styles but you could still tell they are the same characters from the characteristics they are being identified.

According to the British postman uniform, we have decided on the characteristics-

◇Blue blazer and trousers

◆White shirt

◇Black tie and shoes

◆Red bag

◇Brown hair and dark brown eyes

postman-pat ppostmen1_1379152c

So the general idea is that the postman tries to deliver a parcel and he travels through a portal to a different world (Jess’s part). Then in the second world a dark character (antagonist) is going to appear and steals parcel from the postman, the postman follows him into another portal which leads to another world (Jia’s part). In the third world the character chases after the dark character and followed him into another portal (My part). Next world is where the dark character turns into a giant monster. Postman fights against him, defeats him and gets the parcel back (Tiago’s part). At the end postman travels to the destination and finally delivers the parcel (Lena’s) part.


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