Ideas & Research


  • To choose a soundtrack and create an animation in relation to that piece of music
  • Form a group of 5, each person has to animate no more than 30 seconds of their own scene
  • Merge everyone’s work and style together to make a final piece
  • Work together as well as an individual


Group ideas brainstorm


My idea-

After we have decided about the main idea of our animation is traveling, we came up with an idea about traveling through game worlds. Taking that idea further, I came up with a beginning middle and end. The character is being sucked into a game world on a mission to save the distorted digital world. He travels through each level of the game and he manages to get to the boss level. He defeats the boss and at the end the digital world is being saved and starts to fall apart because the evil power is gone. At last he gets back to his original world.


Digimon-Frontier-Episode-46-English-Dubbed toppic1

▲ Above is an anime called Digimon, where there are 8 kids and they got pulled into the distorted digital world. Their aims are to defeat the ‘viruses’ in this world and get it back to normal. At the end they achieved it but they had to go back to the human world and leave their digimon friends.

17218-1-14 the-end

▲ Above is an anime called Sword Art Online, the characters are in the virtual game world by wearing the new technology gaming console helmet. But the designer trapped all the players in the game and the protagonists have to defeat his avatar in order to escape. The pictures are showing the moment of when the virtual world is coming to an end and everything was falling apart. The sun come out symbolizes hope and new beginning.

33c6knb 70596858.jpg 1600 hqdefault2

▲ Above is a game called Grief Syndrome which is based on anime Madoka Magica, this is the kind of style of how I want my part of animation to look like

Then we have discussed about the transition when the character travels from one world to the other. At the end we have decided to create portals for the character to jump through and travels from world to world. Just like the pipes in the Super Mario world. And a sound effect will be played in our soundtrack when the postman jumps into the portals.

mario-underground-transition New-Super-Mario-Bros-Nintendo-DS


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