Animation & Movements


This is the final animation with all our individual parts combined together in the order of

Jess → Jia → Sining → Tiago → Lena



This is the animatics for my part of the animation, I have put in the rough design of my world to get the general look of the whole thing

This is the final animatics for my part of the animation. I have cut it down and had to edit some bits out to keep it within 30 seconds

This is the initial full group animatics together with sound

This is the final group animatics with the changed ending

These are the tests for my character’s running cycle

So at the end these are the keyframes I have created for my running cycle-

running cycle keyframes running-cycle


▲ This is the flying bunny movement drawing sequence. I have drawn the frames out according to my animatics and put them together in Flash afterwards like the traditional animation method.

In order to make the transaction between the cute and dark bunny, I have decided to add another image as the flashing transactions in between the two different bunny images. And I used a whiteout bunny image with light blue outline to show the change according to my reference- opening theme of anime Fate/ Zero

In this opening theme there are lots of flash transitions to show the developing stages of the same object, such as flashes between the younger and older stages of the main character. The technique they have used for the transactions is the whiteout with a bit of light blue, which creates a sense of illusions.


▲ Reference (top image) and own interpretation (bottom image)

First updated animatics with sound, I have put in the environment, running cycle and the flying bunny

Second updated animatics with sound


▲ A sequence of the bunny being ripped apart- splitting the bunny image into two parts and then manipulate the size and shape of each part to get this ripping effect


▲ A flying sequence I did for the dark character instead of just tween the still image of him across the screen. Seeing as my postman is going to be running in most of the scenes so I thought to make the antagonist interesting.

▲ The final animation of my part with sound


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