Week 1 09/04/2014

IMG_0001 IMG_0003 IMG_0004a IMG_0005a IMG_0006a IMG_0006b

Quick sketches using flow lines to construct a pose. Then we did some longer drawings focusing on the torso only. Angle sighting and measuring techniques were applied to help making the drawing accurate. More sketches but using triangular shapes only. I really liked this exercise because it’s loose and exaggerated, like a quick character design.

Week 2 16/04/2014

IMG_0007 IMG_0009

Started off with the quick sketches using flow lines and added in some forms. Then we did some silhouette exercises- drawing out the pose and prop and block it in completely. The aim of this exercise is that to see if the pose still makes sense, or tell the story even when its a silhouette.

Week 4 30/04/2014

IMG_0011a IMG_0012a IMG_0013 IMG_0014b

Drawing the pose in a motion- I used different coloured pencils so show different stage of the move. Then we did some exaggerated drawing exercises when we sketch the original pose and exaggerate it according to the animation principle. And more silhouette exercises at the end.

Week 5 07/05/2014

IMG_0015 IMG_0016a IMG_0017a IMG_0017b IMG_0018a IMG_0019a

Some quick sketches at the beginning using flow lines, forms and geometric shapes techniques. Then some longer poses with the circling technique, at the same time i used a blue pencil to demonstrate the angles of shoulder and hip to make the drawing more accurate. Followed by a 30 minutes shading exercise, without drawing the outline and go straight into shading for all the dark areas. Lastly we did a cross hatching exercise and drew out the dark areas only again.

Week 6 14/05/2014

IMG_0021a IMG_0023a IMG_0024a

Started off with some 20 seconds quick sketch using the shading technique- drawing out the dark areas only and leave the light areas. The we did a series of pose sketches, I focused mainly on the forms and shading. Then finished off with a 15 minutes pose.

Week 7 21/05/2014

IMG_0025a IMG_0026 IMG_0027a IMG_0028a

This week the aim was to practice shading with lights again and the hatching technique. Poses are all dynamic and strong.

Week 9 04/06/2014

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

This week we went to London Zoo to sketch. Above are some of the pictures I took and my sketches. I used hatching technique for shading again as it’s quick and effective.


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