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▲ Above are the photos I took for the Time project as I think these images show my understanding of the term ‘time’. I took a series of photos about a burning candle, because I think this is another great way of showing the elapsed time besides an hourglass. The candle I had makes a hole in the middle as it burns out, and that hole is somehow signifying the time that has gone past and will never return back.

The dead flower is the ‘life and decay’ side of the term ‘time’ as it tells us that the flower has been through the stages of seeding, growing, blooming and withering. And the fact that it is now being sampled kind of made it into an everlasting stage… Or is it everlasting?

Then I took a picture of a Chinese magazine series I have been collecting or reading for years. I always go and buy those magazines when I go back to China. It symbolizes my memories through the time since I was little till now and they also show a side of me that never changed throughout the years while other things kept changing such as my look, my personalities, my hobbies, my views and values… and even the environment and people around me. It is a persistence within the change of time.

And the last one is the Moon. It is a symbol of time- the night time, and it is a way to measure time as well. Therefore the existence of an Islamic lunar calendar which are used in Asian countries like India, China, Korea, Japan Vietnam and Nepal. Some examples include Ramadan, Diwali, Chinese New Year/ Tết (Vietnamese New Year), Mid- Autumn Festival/Chuseok and Nepal Sambat.

” The Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar, which indicates both the moon phases and the solar terms. In the Chinese calendar, a year usually begins on the second dark moon after the winter solstice but occasionally on the third dark moon after the winter solstice.

-Wikipedia “

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▲ Above are the photos taken from British Museum as a search of the ‘time’ project


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