Final movies

EXERCISE 1: Bouncing balls

During this exercise I have learnt how to create basic animation in Maya and applying the 12 animation principles in my work. I have also learnt to think about the weight of different balls and different curves when they bounce etc. I feel that I could show even more in this final exercise video I have done. To show the difference in the weight of the balls more clearly and precisely.

EXERCISE 2: Ball and Tail within your designed environments

I have learnt to model basic shapes in Maya from this exercise. Also thinking about the flow of a weightless tail and ways to make it look more natural and real. I got a chance to experiment with the camera angles and tracking shots which is what I liked about in this final piece of video.

EXERCISE 3: Walk Cycle Tutorials

I have learnt the basic rules of a walking cycle and other factors to make it more natural.

EXERCISE 4: Personality Walk

I have learnt  to exaggerate it to create a completely individual and unique walk. Considering more about the 12 animation principles within my animation. I feel that this piece of work can be improved as well in terms of narrative and showing more changes in the walks.


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